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Determination of the heat exchanger cleaning time
Dec 26, 2016

In the process of running the air conditioning system, neither does not clean heat exchangers or regular cleaning which, of course, there is an optimum time. Workers have been looking for the best cleaning of heat exchanger of air conditioner air conditioning cycle, but due to a system running the many factors of instability in the process, such as seasonal changes, weather, air quality, rain, such as the number, size and duration of rainfall, the result is always unsatisfactory, it is difficult to give an accurate cleaning cycle.

The main factors affecting heat transfer is the accumulation of dust on its surface, dust concentration associated with the system running the length of time, but under the influence of outdoor air quality and filter effect more, these factors are ultimately reflected on the grime on the surface of the heat exchanger, the result embodied in the air and supply air temperature changes.