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Gas (vapor) a liquid heat three problems
Dec 26, 2016

In usually of for hot process in the, some for hot media Zhijian of for hot coefficient difference larger, especially gas (steam) a liquid for hot workers condition to air a water for hot for cases, general air of convection for hot coefficient in 2O~100 w/(m2 • ℃), and water General can reached 1 000~15 000 w/(m2 • ℃), both difference Shang times. To the conventional heat exchangers, heat both sides of the wall heat transfer area is essentially equal, but gas (steam) fluid heat transfer coefficients of heat exchange heat exchange medium is different, resulting in unbalanced heat exchange, resulting in low overall heat transfer coefficient and energy waste.

To solve this problem, the following methods can be used:

(1) increase the heat transfer area. But this method tends to make heat exchanger volume is too large, initial investment, as well as for one side of the heat transfer coefficient, is a waste of heat.

(2) improve the coolant flow rate. Increase velocity can enhance heat transfer, but at the same time causing pressure drop multiplied, rising operating costs, and prone to erosion or vibration phenomena.

(3) to increase temperature. This requires lower temperatures of the cooling medium, or even use the brine deep cold, increased running costs, and thermodynamic irreversibility of the system as a whole increases, reducing the availability of thermal systems.