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Heat exchanger flow channel design
Dec 26, 2016

Principle is that each piece of plate heat exchanger of the heat exchanger plate consists of two parts: metal panels: compressed into different shapes with different heat transfer conditions to ensure the best results, rubber washers: installed along the perimeter of the plate washer tank seal and media guide. Metal plate mounted on a side plate and within the framework of the active clamping plate, clamp bolt clamp. Plate is equipped with gasket, fluid sealing, and directing fluid flow alternately to each channel, the formation of heat exchange. Flow, physical properties of the fluid, pressure drop and temperature difference determines the number and size of plates. Corrugated plate not only improves the turbulence, and formed many support points, enough to withstand the pressure differences between the media. On metal plates and movable clamping plate mounted on guide rods and guide rod positioned under, and rod ends are fixed on a support column, due to the high performance, space saving, energy saving, easy maintenance, and many other advantages, plate heat exchanger has received high recognition in various industries.