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Maintenance cleaning of the heat exchanger of the most important
Dec 26, 2016

Titanium plate heat exchanger plates cleaning and maintenance important:

1, the dissolution of the general situation is very clean, rinse water to flow the opposite direction, you can break out of the debris, but the pressure shall not be higher than the working pressure, can also be used on stainless steel non-corrosive chemical cleaning agent for cleaning.

2, if used for a long time, plate heat transfer effect of some sediment scaling and effects, it is necessary to take apart and wash on a regular basis. Washable heat exchanger when the disintegration of wash plate surface dirt with a Brown brush, you can also use non-corrosive chemical cleaning agent for washing. Note that may not wash with a metal brush, so as not to damage the plate affect corrosion resistance

3, titanium plate heat exchanger use after a certain period, such as loose leaks, more even clamping bolt to not leak, but if pressed to be smaller than the size a, or at gasket aging, you will have to replace the gasket.

4, method of titanium plate heat exchanger replace gasket, pull the old gasket, soak in a sealed tank with gasoline residual glue, cleaned, dried, and then in the slot and gasket thin coated with 801 super glue on the back, to embed the gasket Groove, around the pressure down, 72 hours before the Assembly.