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Measures to prevent the fouling of plate heat exchanger and its cleaning principle
Dec 26, 2016

In the process of carbon dioxide gas in the overflow. Which is attached to the surface of metal oxide furring Strip. In strict accordance with the cleaning methods for cleaning of plate heat exchanger, producing an important guarantee for normal operation. And off.

Smooth flow of heat exchanger area is small, complex internal structure, cleaning liquid precipitation is not easy to emissions.

Heat exchanger made of nickel-titanium alloy, using hydrochloric acid for cleaning fluid. Strong erosion on the plate easily and shorten the service life of heat exchanger.

Strict quality control in the operation, necessary for systems of water and softens the softened water in the tank carries out strict quality testing, qualification to the human network. Organic acids are: oxalic acid, formic acid, and so on. Through the acid soak test found that acid can effectively clear the scale attached to a plate, and its erosion on the plate heat exchanger is also very small.

The choice of cleaning agents, are currently used in pickling, it consists of organic acids and inorganic acids.