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Study of plate heat exchangers and heating
Dec 26, 2016

Heat transfer coefficient of heat transfer coefficients exceed tubular heater 3 times, experimental results indicate the plate heater performance is much higher than the traditional tubular heaters ... and the heat is much smaller. The reasons, mainly because of the tube of tubular water heaters space, velocity is very small, very low heat transfer coefficient, and the flow rate in the 10MM copper tube are too big, about 20m, so pipe resistance is too large, the result is consuming a lot of information, but the efficiency is still low. Plate water heaters in the fluid velocity is more appropriate on both sides, albeit tortuous channel flows, but flows over short distances, thus at the same time insist on very high heat transfer coefficients, flow resistance is not large. Plate type water heater information will consume less, even if flat prices and aggressive type of water heater, can ensure a reasonable profit.

Lower equipment costs, using tap water heating water heating heat heating water heaters using heating system and water system resources. energy costs less supply of domestic hot water, which has been gradually recognized by the market and users of all ages. Assuming the average household per day the amount of hot water required to 100L, if temperature 30 ℃, the required heat is 12600kJ, if you use a gas heating, consume gas costs about 1.7/d if electrically heated, about 2.02/d; and if the heating of water and heating, costing approximately 0.63 Yuan/d and does not significantly affect the quality of heating.

Currently on the market to use copper coil for heating water heaters are mainly manufactured in cast iron shell, its huge volume, mass 50kg, despite the recent useful copper pipe and stainless steel water heater come out of the shell, so that a single water heater quality reduced to 810kg, but the volume is still relatively large, and cost. These heating water heater only the inside of the tube by Velocity high and turned higher heat transfer coefficient of the role, while larger channel cross section in shell side, flow rate is very low, very low heat transfer coefficient, thus the overall coefficient of heat transfer is relatively low. In water temperature below 70 ° c, it can not meet the heating requirements. In addition if the water pressure is low, it is difficult to overcome flow resistance of slender copper tube, hot water is very small. Heating water heaters currently on the market use low-tech, poor performance.

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