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The need for heat exchanger cleaning and cleaning time determination
Dec 26, 2016

The need for heat exchanger cleaning

Buildings air conditioning hot and cold load is borne through the air conditioning system of air, heat exchanger in air conditioning system in the heating and cooling ventilation important role. Directly affect the indoor temperature of the heat exchange efficiency. Initial installation and after cleaning the air filter air flow resistance, filter low filter efficiency of dust particles, at this time, a large number of small dust particles through filters reaches the heat exchanger surface, then gathered in the heat exchanger surface, formation of dirt. Thermal resistance due to fouling than the thermal resistance of the wall of the heat exchanger, thus reducing the heat transfer capacity of heat exchanger, the Interior do not need heat (winter), cooling (summer), interior temperature will offset effect air conditioning effects, formation, loss of cooling capacity, increasing the operating costs of air conditioning systems. The other hand, gathered dust on the surface of the heat exchanger will breed, and breed bacteria, air pollution. After "SARS" and "bird flu", the people attaches great importance to air pollution problems [1]. Therefore, heat exchanger cleaning should be carried out after a certain time.

Is the water on the inside of the heat exchanger (heating or cooling), outside heated or cooled air is required. Heat exchangers and air conditioning water systems are closely connected together to prevent the leakage of heating or cooling medium, it is difficult to removed for cleaning of the heat exchanger, for spot cleaning only, namely, cleaning of the heat exchanger, is necessary to stop the air conditioning system, affecting normal business of commercial buildings. Therefore, the heat exchanger cannot be washed frequently.