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Analysis Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tubular Cooler For Engineering
Jun 09, 2017

Tubular Cooler for Engineering http://www.jsrlhrq.com is a relatively new product in the heat exchanger products, the common structure of the tube-type Cooler for Engineering with fixed tube plate heat exchanger, floating head heat exchanger Equipment, U-tube heat exchanger, stuffing function heat exchanger, kettle-type reboiler and so on. The following Xiaobian tell you about the common advantages and disadvantages of the common tube Cooler for Engineering.

Advantages of the Tubular Cooler for Engineering: The advantages of the kettle reboiler, the stuffing box heat exchanger, the floating head heat exchanger, the U-tube heat exchanger and the fixed tube plate heat exchanger are in the order of doubling the shell space , The structure of a certain evaporation space, the filler structure than the floating head is simple, easy maintenance; no temperature stress, will not produce temperature stress, floating head can be split, tube bundle easy to extract or insert, easy maintenance and cleaning, simple structure, Low cost, will not produce the temperature difference stress, the outer tube easy to clean, simple structure, easy manufacturing, in the same tube under the case of the smallest diameter of the shell, the process more convenient route.

Outer tube Cooler for Engineering Disadvantages: kettle reboiler, stuffing box heat exchanger, floating head heat exchanger, U-tube heat exchanger, fixed pipe plate heat exchanger in the shortcomings of the poor sealing performance is not Suitable for volatile, flammable, explosive and toxic media, the structure is more complex, the operation of the floating head of the seal to check the situation difficult to clean the pipe into the U-shaped and more difficult to control the tube around the replacement of heat transfer more difficult, The natural frequency of the tube bundle is less likely to cause the vibration, the shell side can not be mechanically cleaned, the shell side is difficult to check, and there is no temperature difference between the shell and the pipe. When the temperature difference is large, Section or bellows and other compensation components to reduce the temperature difference stress.