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Analysis Of Plate Heat Exchanger Efficiency Of Facilities
Dec 26, 2016

Compressive elasticity test

1, test apparatus and test piece

Test load is MTS-2.5 shown in tons of material testing machine. Specimens are cut out from the entire heat transfer plate portion of the rectangle with a ladder-shaped gasket Groove plate, plate material for 316L shows. Gasket material for EPDM, Shaw hardness 80, gasket cross section for the diamond, the main structure.

2, test content

Test consists of two parts:

(1) at ambient temperature under simple gasket compression rebound. Gasket horizontal rhombic cross section placed on a rigid plate, fixed on the test machine and lower clamps of steel cylinder (7mm) exert a compressive load tests in different size of gasket displacement under the load. Loading rates refer to the equipment assembling and operating conditions, control compression rate 0.018mm/s, 0.007mm/s rebound rate. This test the following simple compression rebound;

(2) in the ladder-type seal slot restrictions under the compressive rebound.

To embed the diamond gasket cross section of rectangular slab trapezoidal Groove through the steel cylinder fixed in upper and lower clamp load. Other loading conditions identical to the first part of the test. This tests the following constraint compression rebound.