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Cooler For Engineering Own Process
May 27, 2017

We all know that the current Cooler for Engineering in energy saving and environmental protection is very advanced, then what kind of structure to ensure that the energy of the project Cooler for Engineering?

This is due to the Cooler for Engineering's own process, the cooler in the composition is a piece of thread-like plate stack made of such a design advantage is compact, effective heat transfer area increases, while the plate is very Of the thin, able to fully exchange heat.

While the surface area is small, their heat loss is small. In particular, the kind of high-temperature copper brazing cooler, the small size of the traditional cooler can not be compared with. The effectiveness of the cooler, the performance of the heat medium out of the large temperature difference, to the full use of heat.

Rust makes the Cooler for Engineering of the project cooler down, serious will block the tube, so that the heat loss effect. The data show that scale deposits have a significant impact on heat loss, and as the buildup increases, energy costs increase.

It is reported that even a thin layer of scale will increase the fouling part of the equipment more than 40% of the operating costs, so that the cooling channel without mineral deposits can be a good way to improve efficiency, energy conservation, extend the service life of the equipment, Saving production time and cost.

Cooler for Engineering cleaning method According to Li Fei Tu cooler know, the general cleaning methods such as mechanical methods (scraping, brush) high pressure water, chemical cleaning (pickling), etc. There are many problems: can not completely remove scale and other sediments; acid Corrosion of the equipment to form a loophole; residual acid on the material secondary corrosion or scale corrosion and so on. In addition, the cleaning waste is toxic, requires a lot of money for wastewater treatment, is not conducive to environmental protection and energy conservation.