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How To Quickly Determine The Corrosion Of The Cooler For Transportation Vehicles
Oct 19, 2017

The Cooler for Transportation Vehicles used for some time we will find the surface of the spots appear, in fact, this means that the cooler has been corroded, this is just a very common phenomenon, the cooler and crevice corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, crystal Corrosion, uniform corrosion and so on a series of phenomena. Then look forward to take you to learn more:

Cooler for Transportation Vehicles Pitting:

Refers to the stainless steel plate and other metal surface rust or fouling, making the heat conduction, the PH value of the medium to reduce the local metal surface caused by the passive film is destroyed, causing local corrosion, which is also known as Blocking the battery corrosion, the general performance of less than 1mm perforation or pitting.

Cooler for Transportation Vehicles crevice corrosion:

In the block on the basis of the corrosion of the battery caused by a spot-like or ulcer-shaped local corrosion, but this corrosion is mainly in the metal parts of the gap, so called the gap corrosion, this corrosion is mainly due to the retention of media Electrochemical heterogeneity.

Cooler for Transportation Vehicles stress corrosion cracking:

Cooler for Transportation Vehicles plate and other products in the production of the production will produce residual stress, in the static tensile stress and halogen ions and other electrochemical media under the action of the process of cathodic dissolution caused by the metal local corrosion cracking or fracture phenomenon.