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On A Plate Cooler Technical Parameters
Dec 26, 2016

On a plate cooler technical parameters

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Plate cooler used in metallurgy, mining, electric power, light industry, food and other industries of the thin oil lubrication and hydraulic system, cooling and lubrication oils, hydraulic oils.

Technical parameters

Nominal pressure: 0.63MPa, 1.0MPa

Loss of oil pressure: ≤ 0.1MPa

Loss of water pressure: ≤ 0.05MPa

Oil temperature: 50 degrees

Water temperature: ≤ 30

Oil temperature: ≥ 8 ℃

GLC: oil-water flow than the 1:1, heat transfer coefficient >300Kcal/m2?h? c; combined with medium viscosity 10~100cSt (40)

GLL plate cooler: oil and water flow 1:1.5; heat exchange system >200Kcal/m2?h? c; combined with medium viscosity 10~460cSt (40)