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Plate Cooler Cleaning Scale Technical Requirements
Dec 26, 2016

Plate cooler cleaning scale technical requirements

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Brazed plate type cooler is a very special plate cooler, the plate cooler used in the afternoon often present some problems, mainly because there was no regular stop themselves incur, and scale is one of a kind, so stop washing when are your techniques.

① passivation treatment: pickling after the plate cooler looks scale, and most local, the metal oxide is dissolved out of fall, exposed new metal, highly corrosive, so after pickling, passivation disposal for plate heat exchanger to stop.

② pickling liquid concentration: in accordance with repeated experiments, pickling liquid by acid 81%, water 17%, 0.8% buffer 1.2% and surface activity dose concentration of compounding, cleansing effect is very good.

③ pickling methods and time: pickling methods mainly in the static separation of immersion and dynamic way to stop. Pickling time of static first soaked for 2 hours, then dynamic loop for about 3 hours. Concentration of sampling acid pickling will often, when two adjacent test concentration difference below 0.2%, can acid reaction is completed.

④ acid pickling temperature: pickling effect of temperature on the scale of progress is very good, if too high a temperature can exacerbate Acid solution corrosion on plate cooler plate, after repeated experiments, temperature at 60 degrees is best.