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Plate Cooler With Tubular Cooler What Are The Differences?
Dec 26, 2016

Tubular cooler and plate cooler are very widely used, although the two are cooler with great cooling effect, but they work in manufacturing and performance so that there are many differences, so today here compared both, will set out in detail the difference between the two.

Tubular cooler series is looking hot-selling products, electric power, heat, chemicals, machinery, metallurgy, shipping, pharmaceutical, food and has a wide range of industrial and civil applications. Recently by some Internet users communicate with the YuanWang technicians tubular cooler differences with the plate cooler, come to the following conclusions, look here to share with you.

Plate cooler is composed of series of sheet metal with some corrugation lamination of a new high efficiency heat exchanger. Between various plate thin rectangular channel, then use half for heat exchange. Plate cooler compared with conventional tube coolers, flow resistance and the power consumption of the pump in the same case, much higher heat transfer coefficient of the former than the latter.

In column tube type cooling device in the, fluid flow is in side and shell drive within flow, is wrong flow flow of, so logarithmic average temperature amendment coefficient small; plate cooling device used of is and flow or upstream flow way, logarithmic average temperature big, dang cold, and hot fluid in plate cooling device within of flow parallel Yu for hot surface, and no next flow, to makes plate cooling device of end temperature small, on water for hot can below 1 ℃.

Tubular cooler used to reserve for taking control of repair places, and plate cooler is compact in structure, and does not require any repair places, the heat transfer area per unit volume than tubular high, so if you want to achieve the same heat, plate cooler covers an area higher than the plate.

In order to achieve the objective of increase or decrease heat transfer area, plate cooler only increases or decreases a few plates are required to in order to meet the requirements of the Assembly, you can change the sheet arrangement or change a few sheets, tubular cooler heat transfer area is not free to change.

Plate thickness of the plate cooler tube cooler to thin, which is 0.4~0.8mm, which is 2.0~2.5mm, it tube shell framework is much heavier than the plate cooler, plate cooler only tube weight of about 1/5.

Under the same heat transfer area, using the same materials, price low than the tubular plate cooler 40%~60%. Heat transfer plate for plate cooler is stamping, high standardization, mass production, and tube cooler is hand-made, making clear there is no plate.

Two cooling devices each have strengths and weaknesses, in the actual selection process you may wish to refer to the manufacturer's recommendation, and actual production requirements, select the right equipment.