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Regular Cleaning Of Plate Heat Exchanger Are Necessary?
Dec 26, 2016

Plate heat exchanger repair except in exceptional circumstances, but should also carry out regular maintenance. As the plate heat exchanger to facilitate disassembly, easy maintenance, generally without special tools and equipment. Depending on the different methods can be used, if the device isn't leakage, heat-only system k declined, you can open the heat exchanger and descaling liquid into the device with a closed-circuit system circulating within a few hours. No such conditions on site and open the device or find that scaling is not too severe, you can remove the plate and directly flush with water, using a soft brush.

A, normal operation and maintenance

① for repairs of equipment, should reverse the order of installation open the heat exchanger.

II in the equipment used in the petroleum, chemical industry, should be on a maintenance cycle for regular maintenance.

③ devices in the media if it is flammable, explosive or corrosive media, maintenance at least once a year.

④ in the plate heat exchangers that are used in other industries if no leakage occurs, the best three-year maintenance.

Second, plate cleaning and protection

Keep the plate clean is one of the important conditions of high heat transfer coefficient. In Board tablets between, media is along narrow twists and turns of flow road movement of, even produced not too thick of scale layer, also will caused flow road of changes, significantly to effect fluid of movement, makes pressure drop increases, heat transfer coefficient declined, for example a sugar factory in heating in the using plate heat exchanger, due to two times water no is good of processing, using process in the only two months on will flow road jam, cannot continues to run.