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Remind The User To Turn Off The Heat Exchanger
Sep 26, 2017

2012 Wuchang winter heating season ended on the 7th, Wuhan Dewei Thermal Co., Ltd. has stopped heating the user, the company reminds users to turn off the heat exchanger, unplug the power plug, to avoid equipment damage.

Wuchang winter heating season was originally scheduled for the end of February 28, due to the impact of cold air earlier extended to the beginning of this month. March 4 start, Dewey heat gradually reduce the heating temperature, 7 all heat. The company reminded the user, indoor heat exchanger users to stop heating, the heat exchanger should be closed and remove the heat exchanger power plug, close the indoor heat exchanger hot water inlet and outlet valves, open the water heater in and out Water valve, no need for other indoor pipelines, valves, heat sinks and so do any operation. No indoor heat exchanger users do not need to other indoor pipelines, valves, heat sinks and so do any operation.

Wuchang winter heating last year, twists and turns, once because of the problem of heat shortage was shelved, after the Dwyane heat and Castle Peak thermal power plant to reach a consultation after the resumption of collective heating, heat than the previous gas is more stable, there is no hot and cold situation, the user heating the average temperature Reached 22 ℃, heating effect is better than in previous years.

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