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Selection Criteria For Cooler For Engineering
Jun 22, 2017

On the importance of choosing the type of Cooler for Engineering correctly. Here is a little part of the project cooling equipment selection criteria:

1, heat load and flow size

2 Properties of Fluids

3 temperature, pressure, thermal efficiency and allowable pressure drop range

4 Requirements for cleaning, maintenance, testing and maintenance

5 equipment structure, material, size, weight

6 Price, use safety and service life

The purchase of equipment is definitely a technical work, for the Cooler for Engineering is the same, the choice of the cooler to buy common sense and skills, respectively, in which aspects? This inside of the relevant knowledge and a lot of attention, please follow the distance to get acquainted with, hope to help everyone.

Before purchasing the Cooler for Engineering, I hope you will be familiar with and understand the performance and operation Principle of the Cooler for Engineering. Cooler in the work is to help us heat dissipation parts, the eye is the radiator heat exchanger area and air volume. The same heat transfer area, the larger the air flow, the better the heat dissipation effect.

In the same way, if the same air volume, the larger the heat transfer area, the better the heat dissipation effect. Relatively speaking, cooler cooling effect if better, the use of effect and longevity will be a bit longer, because the temperature is too high, will cause the consumption of parts.

About the Cooler for Engineering to buy common sense and attention, for you to introduce here, in the future if the use of demand, please carefully contrast and measurement. Do not choose the most expensive cooler, only the most suitable for the Cooler for Engineering. At the same time remind you that in the future once the use of demand, please look for the regular sale of dealers, so as to ensure that we do not bother to buy.