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The Necessity Of Cleaning For Industrial Heat Exchanger
Sep 05, 2018

Heat exchangers are widely used in industry. Industrial heat exchangers are mainly used for cooling equipment and large water consumption. At the same time, cooling water is often used to save water.This paper emphasizes the importance of heat exchanger cleaning.
The cooling water is continuously circulated in the circulation system. Due to the increase of the temperature of the water, the change of the water velocity and the evaporation of the water, the concentration of various inorganic ions and organic matter is cooled, the cooling tower and the cold water pool are exposed to sunlight in the outdoors.Leaching, dust and debris, as well as the combination of equipment and materials and other factors, will produce more than the DC system more serious deposition of sediment, equipment, corrosion and the proliferation of microbes and the resulting formation of slime dirtBlocking the pipeline and other issues.Heat exchanger dirt is an important issue that industrial enterprises can not avoid.

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