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The Role Of The Components Of The Cooler For Engineering
Jul 13, 2017

The Cooler for Engineering is a new type of high efficiency heat exchanger, named after heat exchange via plate. The knowledge that customers need to know when purchasing is included in the heat exchanger components. Explain the role of the components of the Cooler for Engineering:

1, fixed compression plate: not in contact with the fluid, with clamping bolts tighten the pad to ensure sealing. Mainly clamping all the heat transfer plate to ensure that the fluid medium does not leak.

2, heat transfer gasket: the main heat transfer from the components, the general corrugated made of herringbone, according to the different fluid medium, heat transfer plate material is not the same, mostly made of stainless steel and titanium.

3, gasket: Cooler for Engineering gasket is mainly in the heat between the plates from the sealing effect. Materials are: nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, fluorine rubber, according to different media using different rubber. Prevent fluid synthesis or leakage, and make it between different plates.

4, take over, flange: to provide import and export of fluid.

5, the upper and lower guide: to withstand the weight of the board and to ensure that the installation size, so that the slide between the slide, the guide rod is usually longer than the heat exchanger board, in order to release the clamping bolt sliding plate inspection cleaning. The upper guide rod is fixed on the fixed pressing plate and the pillar, and the plate is supported and positioned. The lower guide rods serve to position the plates and form the plates with the upper guide rods.

6, rolling device: the activities of the compression plate or the middle partition can slide on the upper and lower guide bar in order to disassemble inspection and maintenance.

7, the activities of the pressure plate: paired with a fixed compression plate can be used to slide on the guide bar in order to disassemble inspection and maintenance.

8, the former pillars: support the weight of the heat exchanger, so that the entire heat exchanger into one.

9, clamping bolts: compression plate group, so that the overall heat exchanger to ensure that the seal, for rubber seals generally marked on the label and the maximum size of 10, the minimum compression size, when pressed to the minimum size Replace the gasket. Mainly from the role of fastening both ends of the pressure plate. Clamping bolts are generally double-headed thread, preload the bolts, so that the fixed plate of the moment evenly.

11, the middle partition: fixed compression plate and movable compression plate in the middle of the middle of the installation of the middle partition, can make a device at the same time dealing with a variety of media, the implementation of multi-stage operation.

The Cooler for Engineering has a compact, compact, small footprint, with 3-5 times the heat transfer coefficient of the tube heat exchanger with the same pressure loss, and the area is one third of the tube heat exchanger First, the heat recovery rate can be as high as 90% or more. Because of these significant features, so the use of Cooler for Engineering more and more widely.