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The Structural Characteristics Of Plate Type Heat Exchanger
Dec 26, 2016

Mainly consists of a number of flat-plate heat exchanger heat transfer film (dozens of pieces to hundreds of slices), gaskets, fixed frame and clamping device (clamping screw and plate of activities) and so on. Heat is by press or roll into various shapes, in pressure on the surface of specially designed corrugated, the bellows not only increased its strength and rigidity, and the high-speed turbulent flow of formation fluids. Turbulence effectively prevents deposits formed on the surface, reduced fouling, greatly improving the heat of hot and cold media by thin metal siding. Heat ripples form is important, he determines the characteristic of the heat transfer. Main straight ripple wave form levels, corrugation, tumor shape bump, zigzag-corrugated board, herringbone ripple plate (v) and double figures profiled sheeting (w), diagonal ripples have a different angle. Corrugated heat plate design and manufacturing is the key technology of plate heat exchangers. Heat transfer material is high quality stainless steel pad or the chin pad, followed by aluminium and its alloys. Plate thickness 0.5 a 1.2m m. Corner of the plate was a fluid passage hole, around and around the corner hole with ring slots. When first using adhesive gaskets glued on the slab in the seal groove, angular parts according to the flow you want to place the gasket in the Groove around the hole, on the one hand prevent the leakage of fluid, on the other hand form a certain space between the plates. When metal plates by compression-screw cover plate when pressed, on the corner between adjacent panels perforated to form a continuous channel, media (participation of heat exchange medium) drainage into the metal plate from the import group, and assigned to a narrow channel between the metal plates.

Plate hot Exchange device main by heat transfer Board tablets, and sealed washer, and pressure tight device and the other some parts (as axis, and took over,) composition, heat transfer Board tablets is plate heat exchanger of key components, common of has following several: people glyphs Board, and level straight corrugated board, and sawtooth shaped Board; sealed washer is plate heat exchanger of a key of parts, is to prevent fluid of outside leak and two fluid Zhijian within leak, it installation Yu sealed slot in the, run in the bear pressure and temperature, and by with work fluid of erosion ; Clamping device can include fixed and movable clamping plate, clamping bolts, washers, it is used to compress, produces enough sealing force, heat exchanger leakage does not occur at work, by tightening the bolts to exert a clamping force.