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The Structural Characteristics Of Plate Type Heat Exchanger
Dec 26, 2016

① high heat transfer efficiency, 214 times times higher than shell-and-tube heaters. K-value up to 3500 a 5800KW/Gan. k (3000-5000cal/m2.h. 9C), and under the same conditions the heat transfer area required is small.

II compact structure, small volume, especially for technological transformation in the old reconstruction and other full use of original equipment to overcome space limitations. Light weight and thin heat transfer plate, use less metal per square metre of heated metal 10kg about consumption. Only 1/3-1/4 of the tubular heater.

③ heat material at the time the heater is short, less internal corners, good health condition. Apply to heating of the heat-sensitive materials, such as milk and monosodium glutamate solution.

④ operational flexibility, wide application range, based on the needs increase or reduce the number of sheets to change their heating area, or changes in working conditions. Equipment specifications by a wide margin, the size of each heat, small 0.5m2, big up to 1.3 expansion, the heat transfer area can be in 1 of each device spread among 11,000 Gan, equipment allowance.

⑤ use of low temperature heat source, recovery of heat from low temperature heat source, achieve the objective of saving energy. Heat transfer temperature difference between the hot and cold items reduced to 41,590 0

⑥ plate heat exchanger between the fluid motion the intense and smooth surface, forming less fouling, long work cycle, and to facilitate the use of chemical cleaning method. Can greatly reduce small check or outage evaporator pipe brush cooking base the cost of manpower, material resources and financial.

⑦ thin plate heat exchanger, pressure low particularly for corrugated plate between contact points mutually support type heat exchanger, use long, compact size after installation dimensions is exceeded, contact point can be easily pressed into the pits, eventually forming the perforated, sheet scrap.

⑧ spacing between plates (slot width) narrower (416 mm of heat exchangers, "slotted" heat exchanger in 8,112 mm) thin liquid film evaporation speed. If high temperature steam and heat the liquid materials as hot and cold media, under the sudden supply of material, prone to drying coking phenomenon, accelerate the sealing washers between plate damage; Coke material will cause the plates cool items channel blocked, affecting the use of the device, thus causing losses to production. Therefore, staff on the plate heat exchanger equipment structure and working principle of understanding is difficult in practice.