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Very High Heat Transfer Rate Of Plate Heat Exchanger
Dec 26, 2016

Plate heat exchanger the heat transfer efficiency is very high, and has a number of companies in the world able to provide uniform minimum logarithmic temperature Tm=1 ℃ plate heat exchanger products. In shell-and-tube heat exchangers, each of the two kinds of fluids in shell and tube side activities, in General, is cross-flow activity, namely in the shell for mixed activities, monitor for multiple activities, so the heat transfer uniform temperature correction factors are usually small (about 0.8 per cent). Activity direction of fluid and uniform temperature will affect the log. If water/water as the heat transfer medium, total heat transfer coefficient of plate heat exchanger 8360~25080kJ/m2?h? c is 3~5 times the coefficient of heat transfer in shell-and-tube heat exchanger, but its volume is only about 30% of the shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Corrugated plate heat exchanger consists of a series of a certain shape of metal sheet lamination, and because of its unique structure, plate heat exchanger has the following advantages:

Plate heat exchanger with a high heat exchange efficiency, heat loss, compact lightweight, small footprint, installation cleaning facilitate, wide application, long life and other characteristics.

1, flexible Assembly and control flexibility

Uniform temperature difference heat transfer log progress is an important means to enhance the heat transfer.

2, the overall heat transfer coefficient, the device covers an area of small

Plate heat exchanger is a new high performance heat exchanger. His invention began in 187 years, initially mainly used in the food industry, and later gradually expanded to include paper-making, metallurgy, mining, machinery manufacturing, power, marine, heating and petrochemical and other industrial fields. Just need to loosen the clamp screw plate heat exchangers can be in the context of the original space 100% contacts switch hot plate surface, maintenance convenient. Plate heat exchanger activities generally and the fluid flow or counter-current way and uniform heat transfer temperature difference correction factor is usually about 0.95. Uniform minimum logarithmic temperature difference is too young but cooling logistics leading heat exchanger heat transfer area is large, from the engineering point of view is not the economy.