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What Are The Advantages Of The Cooler For Transportation Vehicles?
Jul 13, 2017

The Cooler for Transportation Vehicles is the most widely used, mainly the Cooler for Transportation Vehicles has many unparalleled advantages, these advantages are as follows:

1, can save the primary energy supply to the furnace.

2, can improve the heat utilization. The preheated air (coal, gas into the furnace can be 100% of the physical heat in the furnace to be used, and the furnace to the chemical heat is half of the flue gas into the atmosphere, so it can be said to cool The recovery of 1kj of waste heat is equivalent to saving 2kJ of fuel, such as the use of Cooler for Transportation Vehicles and waste heat boiler from the flue gas recovery 2676.kJ heat, with waste heat boiler can only produce 1kj of steam, and for the Cooler for Transportation Vehicles can be. 4kJ heat, with these calories for the boiler can produce steam 1.5kg.

3, waste heat boiler to produce low utilization of steam. Due to the fluctuation of the heating load of the heating furnace, the steam is unstable, and this part of the steam is generally not easy to be included in the pipe network. Therefore, the waste heat boiler can not replace the power boiler with the power meter. The steam produced is usually only used for heating. China is located in the temperate regions, so these steam half the time to vent, so the waste heat boiler economic advice is far smaller as a Cooler for Transportation Vehicles.

4, with the Cooler for Transportation Vehicles can improve the theoretical combustion temperature and fuel utilization factor, so that low calorific value fuel effectively used in high temperature heating furnace, to reach or close to high calorific value fuel work indicators.